I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at The University of Texas at Austin. I am an Economics Job Market Candidate for 2023-2024 academic year.

My research interest is in Labor Economics and Development Economics, with a specific focus on Education and Environment. My Job Market Paper studies advanced placement courses, their effect on students' achievement, college and labor market outcomes.

For more information, please see my CV or contact me at handenurcelebi@utexas.edu

Job Market Paper

Scaling Up: Advanced Placement Incentive Program

Presentations: SEA 2023, APPAM 2023

This paper explores the success of scaling up of state programs. I exploit the two phases of staggered rollout of the AP Incentives Programs in Texas which aim to increase AP utilization. The 1997 pilot phase included a small group of high schools, the main phased expanded this to half of all Texas high schools in 2001. Using a staggered difference in difference approach, I separately estimate the impact of the program in each phase. I find an 70% increase in AP Enrollment and 40% increase in the number of AP courses for the schools which implemented the program before scaling up and null effect for the schools which implemented the program after scaling up. The difference also exists for the college outcomes and labor outcomes suggestively. I also find evidence consistent with the potential driver is student demand for the AP courses.

Working Papers

How Public Education Policies can change the education market? A Case for Turkey
with Ozde Ozkaya

Private Test Preparation Schools (TPSs), which are not manda- tory but helpful for students who prepare for the University Entrance Exam, were shut down in Turkey. They were allowed to reopen as private schools. This paper analyze the effect of the closure of TPSs on public and private school markets. By using the distance to the nearest formerly-existed TPS as the treatment intensity I show that there is an increase in the number pf private schools, the nearest pub- lic schools to a TPS lost almost two classroom size students to the converted private schools and the loss come from the students who are in their junior and senior years, closer to the University Entrance Exam.

Work in Progress

Does Education Quality Provide Job Security? Example of Economic Crises
How Teenagers Are Affected From Drought Conditions?
Impacts of Drought on Water Demand and Price Elasticity with Sheila Olmstead

Teaching Assistant - University of Texas at Austin (2019-)

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Part Time Lecturer - Southwestern University (2020)

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Teaching Assistant - Sabanci University (2017-2019)

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